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It is our goal to provide students with the best study abroad, the field of study, scholarship programs, and college.

We provide a comprehensive list of scholarships, and awards are available for many programs including Postdoctoral Fellowships within Higher Education Institutions, Universities & Colleges Worldwide.


Many students dream of studying abroad and immersing themselves in a new culture. Certainly, an education abroad will offer students the opportunity to make new friends, new life, explore global cities and create professional connections. However, many students falsely believe that studying abroad is too expensive for their budget, and lack the knowledge of how to start from scratch, from the scholarship application till they achieve the goal they are aiming for.

So, Studying abroad is life-changing, but it can be a confusing process.

The good news is that there is plenty of available study abroad scholarships, ZDEALA has the list and will help students by finding them unique tailor-made opportunities in various spheres and tips for developing a future career while gaining a prestigious education, as many universities and higher education institutions set goals to recruit a specific number of students from abroad as a way to diversify their student body and enrich the cultural experience of its campus.

Whether you are looking for a study abroad or a scholarship, ZDEALA will guide and help you obtain the aid you deserve.

Once you see the support we provide and how many opportunities are available and waiting for you to grab, all that’s left to do is to start deciding where your top study abroad destinations are to be.

Zdeala “your vision is our mission”

Visa info and assistant:

Students willing to study abroad need to obtain a Student visa before starting the journey. ZDEALA will handle most of the work on your behalf.

After you have accepted an offer of a place at the school, the ZDELA Registry department will prepare to issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies, which you will need in order to apply for a visa.

Then ZDEALA will contact you about your additional paper requirements and advise you through the entire process. We will stay all the time by your side.

Registeration / Applying for a Study Abroad Scholarship:

Contact us for registration at