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Job Platform

ZDEALA was founded to assist medium and large size companies in sourcing specialized manpower in the Middle East. All along our journey, our main objectives have been to create value for our institutional clients through our focused fit-for-purpose custom-tailored approach to source human resources, and to satisfy the needs of qualified individuals looking for job security and sustained careers in line with the rapidly changing job market in the region. We operate across the Gulf region. We focus on assessing our clients' requirements on the job market and use our knowledge base and networks to identify and recruit human resources who best match such requirements. We target professionals in the following fields:

Large or small, local or regional, our clients benefit from our access to screened professional resources and relationships across the region. Underpinning our value proposition is our personalized approach to build strong and lasting relationships on the market, motivated solely by our desire to exceed our clients' expectations.

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