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ZDEALA is a Services Management Agency that deals with several Academic Institutions and Business Enterprises, locally and internationally, to assist them in marketing and promoting their products or services in the MENA region, and mainly in Syria and Lebanon.

Academic Institutions must continually consider the need to recruit new students so that they can continue to provide excellent services and maintain high institutional standards by selecting top prospective students.

In addition to the different services provided at ZDEALA, our institution collaborates with different universities to assist them in reaching prospective students beyond the traditional channels.

At ZDELA we understand our market and can anticipate trends, our team has the combined experience and vision to provide and initiate a student recruitment campaign on behalf of your University or College to attract students from Syria and Lebanon and help them enroll at your institution after ensuring that they meet the recruitment criteria.

To facilitate the job, we can provide the followings:

your vision is our mission